Die! Die! Die! - We Built Our Own Oppressors

Early Die! Die! Die! (DDD) I didn't quite get, but I am a stickler for strong production values, and superficial though that may be, that is where they were weakest early on (in relative terms to their material only). The songs have always been good. Originally hailing from Dunedin, the band have matured, and as they have done so I have found their music has become more accessible (that might be a problem for them..!), and I find it both challenging and rewarding. For me Auckland's Popstrangers (on this blog's Honour Roll) are a natural successor to DDD  although I hope DDD will be around for many years. I am  going to post some of DDD's live material on NZMusic4U LIVE. This is an older video (2010), shot on location in New York, and is well-directed by Rohan Thomas. There are plenty more videos to post so expect regular appearances of Die! Die! Die! on this blog. The band appear to have had label issues over the last few years, but now have a new album out on their own label Etcetera Records. The album is called "Harmony" and was recorded at Blackbox studios in France. You can buy it at the links below:

catalogID=1022842 http://www.amplifier.co.nz/release/86884/harmony.html;


Die! Die! Die! - We Built Our Own Oppressors

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