Bangladesh - Lean

Some people just have the knack...of writing hooks that is. These guys surely do. With a great late summer pop song, Bangladesh presents us with "Lean", a track my teenage daughter instantly gave the "thumbs up", pretty much the initial commercial test one would apply to anything in the pop genre. Formed in 2009, and taking out the 2010 Smokefree Rockquest as The Good Fun, the band went into a hiatus, but reformed in April last year. The band has previously released two videos, both under The Good Fun moniker. The first was for their debut single  called "Naughty Little Sin", which has managed to clock up a respectable 140,000 views on YouTube. The second was for "Karaoke", fewer views, but I prefer it to the first single. Describing themselves as indie-pop, which puts them with the likes of one my NZ favourites, Tom Lark, they cite influences such as Vampire Weekend and Mystery Jets. For "Lean" they enlisted the production talents of Joel Little and Jaden Parkes, putting together a track that really lifts, and is so very difficult to dislike. Superb vocal performance by Leroy Clampitt, however one very small gripe for the mastering team, where is the bottom end? It's not missing, but I would like to hear more. But that is minor. A great song, I have had no trouble playing it over multiple times. The video is directed by Claire Littler who has done a very good job here. An EP is due soon and I look forward to buying it.

Below is a link to the the video that started it all off back in 2010. The Good Fun - "Naughty Little Sin". I will post "Karaoke" at a later date.


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