K.One - Love Don't Live Around Here

Out of the ashes...or was that the puddles? This was apparently a disastrous video shoot, with meteorological disasters, missing props, no shows...but no sign of it in the finished product. Slick, sharp and easy-to-watch, Illegal Musik's Mark Arona (director), Mikey Rockwell (editor) and Kaleb Vitale (creative direction and star) have put together an expensive-looking video. And the song? Catchy as anything that K.One has put out previously, and there is some hooky back catalogue out there. The 60s feel is helped by some backing vocals from Brooke Duff and horns from "Three Houses Down". I have bought K.One's music previously, with old favourite singles being 2010's "Walking Away" featuring a heavily auto-tuned Jason Kerrison (who clearly doesn't need to be but it worked), and 2011's "So Long" which also features Scribe. So who is K.One? Well he was a small-town forestry worker for seven years, and he ascribes his work ethic to that background. But it's not just a work ethic in play here. He clearly has an ear, and an eye, and I have thought for some time he is one of those "most likely to". "Love Don't Live Around Here" sounds very radio friendly, and with such a well-put-together video, I hope he gets noticed, not just by local fans, but also groups outside NZ which is clearly where his future lies. If you would like to buy "Love Don't Live Around Here" there is an iTunes link below. Go buy it.


K.One - Love Don't Live Around Here (Official Video)

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