1995 - Love Your Ghost

This is 1995's latest video. The previous video ("Nowhere Slow") which I posted this month is working for me. Listened many times. As for "Love Your Ghost", some readers might enjoy what is clearly quite an effort - film noir and plot developments et al. The song and video together clearly don't add up to an inspirational way to start the week - being so dark 'n all. (so its being posted at the end the week?), but weak humour aside, I think the video is very good and the song is doing its work on me. Almost didn't get into the blog...but now I think I know what the band is trying to do with this, I have warmed up. Maybe I'm just a little slow. I have an intuition these guys might be quite something live. I really want to experience that - so management, please let me know when they are next playing...email address is on the right hand side of this blog.

1995 - Love Your Ghost (Official Video)

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