I am an enthusiast for New Zealand music, but more importantly, an enthusiast for New Zealand. I want a viable future for New Zealanders (I have 3 children). A viable future demands that we project our industries outward. The New Zealand music industry needs to do so, and is doing so. But more can be done, and I believe I can help just a little. As part of my job as an investment manager, I travel extensively, and often meet investors who are involved in the arts. I have talked about promising New Zealand musicians but have not had a "go-to" point to demonstrate what I am talking about. This blog is designed as the "go-to" for those conversations. I am deliberately targeting artists which I believe have the potential to "break" internationally.

What am I looking for?

Originality, imagination, creativity, dynamics, melody, texture, relevance and soul. It would be helpful to have a strong video (not necessarily expensive) which should visually express most of the above. But absent the video, a strong song will be posted, although that will be on Facebook and Twitter. I don't want cliches, misogynism, bland conventionality and derivative art. Of course it is difficult to bring all of the top-mentioned to the table, but many NZ acts manage to get close. I am looking for Youtube and Vimeo links, and for audio-only please send Soundcloud, Bandcamp or other audio links, preferably with a strong image file. Please note that sound files and links will be promoted on Facebook and Twitter, but not on the NZMusic4U blog. I look forward to doing my bit for talented NZ artists...

If you would like to talk further, please make contact with me at the email address below.

Looking forward to making contact.

Anthony Limbrick