Yumi Zouma - The Brae


Part 2 of 2. Was that betrayal, or buy-in? "The Brae" might just be my single of the year. As it is, Yumi Zouma show such promise, I am pretty much gagging for future material (hyperbole for effect). I can't quite work out what it is with their material to date, but there is a seemingly effortless elevation above the usual dream-pop fare. For me it sounds a little bit like lazy sunburnt evenings on West Hollywood roof-tops. Boutique hotel Petit Ermitage comes to mind for those who know it's delightful roof terrace. Interesting that the video takes a similar tack. Yumi Zouma emerged from a long-term collaboration between Charlie Ryder and Josh Burgess. They were joined later by friend Kim Phlaum. Both Charlie and Josh have previously been known for their work with Bang!Bang!Eche!. If you would like to buy "The Brae", you can do so at the link below.


P.S. Martyn Pepperell interviewed the band just over a month ago. Have a read at the link below.


Yumi Zouma - The Brae

Yumi Zouma - A Long Walk Home for Parted Lovers

Having been remarkably busy in my real life, NZMusic4U has had to limp along. But it is time to get back into it...before the next onslaught. I came across Yumi Zouma early this year, and was captivated by their single "The Brae". The single was part of their self-titled EP from which this track is sourced. Kindly sponsored by NZonAir they have put together a two-part video offering that has as it's raison d'etre, the magical poison of a love triangle. Today I give you the first episode. Tomorrow I will follow it up with a little more on the band, and the second instalment of this mini-soap. Yumi Zouma are on the Cascine label. If you want to buy their EP...go to the link below. I am in love with this band.


Junica - I Know A Place

Nik Brinkman, who is Junica, has fans. Of course he has the usual global mix of demographics, but in contrast to many, he has a high ratio of industry heavyweights (producers and artists) that continue to put their weight behind his creativity. And his is a 360 degree sort of creativity. I personally believe those that will succeed in a do-it-yourself future will have skills, not just in composition, production and performance, but also in their ability to cost-effectively communicate their vision....visually. Nik writes great pop songs, and ensures they are produced to a state-of-the-art level, but what marks him out his is ability to put together videos that look, not just innovative, but professional. His is the complete package. I have no doubt that if he wanted to, Nik could script, produce and direct a movie of his own. The video for "I Know A Place" is vintage Nik, with wide-angle tracking shots, great design and top-notch production values. The song itself is produced by Mark Saunders, a former member of Tim Simenon's Bomb the Bass. Mark was responsible for mixing The Cure's "Wish" album (remember "Friday, I'm In Love"?), and has worked with a wide range of other artists including Neneh Cherry and Depeche Mode. Mark has produced the new Junica EP which I believe is due later this year. This track sounds like the best of both Nik and Mark. I am really looking forward to the EP. If you would like to hear more, or maybe buy some of these pop gems, I have supplied a few links below. Go on.


Junica - 'I Know A Place'