Louie Knuxx - 'Stan Howse'

I found this comment on the YouTube page for this video. Not particularly eloquent but sums it up for me: "louie knuxx you need to get your ass over to america!! a lot of us are tired of the typical "i got this i got that im like this im like that" type of shit that the majority around here is putting out" [danse1]. Couldn't agree further. Much of current hip-hop is formulaic and departs from the original premise of what I like to think of as cinematic musical street poetry. Occasionally someone comes along who has an authenticity, combined with an aesthetic, that cuts through, and Todd Williams aka Louie Knuxx is one of those. The "Stan Howse" song and video succeeds on all levels. Superb, non-intrusive, but haunting production by Jay Knight, a well-photographed and edited video, and of course a personal and defiant rap that uses the volatile life of Stan Howse from Bone, Thugs-N-Harmony as it's basis, which also brings with it a touch of sadness. I suspect a good time was had by all in the making of this video ;) . I like the ironic combination of party with the rap's content. I am very much looking forward to Louie Knuxx's upcoming EP "Dying Slow". You can find out more about Louie Knuxx at this link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LOUIE-KNUXX/130103447007315

Louie Knuxx - 'Stan Howse' OFFICIAL VIDEO

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