Groeni - Hedre

The Wellington music cognoscenti have been excited about Groeni for some time. Recently there has been somewhat of a wider breakout. Groeni was originally ex-music student Alexander Green's solo project, but he has now been joined by Mike Isaacs and James Paul, both also ex-music students. "Hedre" is typical of their tight, subtle and assured approach to building moody, atmospheric electronic textures, coupled with that soulful NZ male vocal timbre which I think maybe subconsciously can trace its DNA to Trinity Roots' beautiful music of the late 90s, early 2000s. I hear echoes often, and not just in Groeni's work. The "Hedre" video is an absolute stunner. Created and directed by Joel Fear, it is a simple concept, brilliantly executed. Hypnotic and complete.  Difficult to believe it is his first video effort. With electronics at its core, Groeni's is not a sound one would associate with dynamic live performance (only so much nodding one can do in front of a keyboard!) but from what I hear, the band can deliver live. Wellington music journalist Martyn Pepperell told me, "they're making psychedelic folk with a bass music frame – this is exciting – but that's really exciting is seeing it cleanly delivered by a live band. That's what makes all the difference and helps set them apart." "Hedre" as an overall offering is almost achingly beautiful and up there with the best of 2015. If you are liking this, the new "Hinde" EP is due out October 1st and will be available at the Bandcamp link below. The band is touring to launch the EP. Details can be found at the Facebook link below. I have also included a link to the (very good) video premiere article as it fleshes out the band better than one of my usual blog posts can. I love this band. Can't wait to see them live.

Groeni - Hedre [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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