Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love

The next couple of days will be "Connan Mockasin Days", marking the recent release of the "Caramel" album. Today its 2011's "Forever Dolphin Love", and tomorrow, the new video for "I'm The Man, That Will Find You". Both are Daniel Brereton videos. A chance encounter with a fan of the man at a London gig for French for Rabbits reminded me to remind you just how good this expat musician/composer/producer can be. Mr Mockasin's music is an acquired taste, and not for all, but it definitely rewards some listening effort. Although his creativity seems owned by nobody, one can pick up flecks of genre influences which range from 1970s soul to 1960s psychedelia. I believe it pretty safe to say that no one has ever sounded like Connan Mockasin.  The layers of textural discordance that come and go, the lashings of syrupy sweetness in between, and the heavily-effected man-child vocals..."unique" is an overused word...but it is. "Forever Dolphin Love" is from 2011's album of the same name. You can download the album at the link below. Remember to come back tomorrow for the more recent material.

Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love (Official Video)

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