Beat Rhythm Fashion -Turn of the Century

Beat Rhythm Fashion were one of the standout acts from Wellington's "Terrace Scene" in the early 1980s. For me, a young Aucklander at that time, this band, along with Nigel Russell's Dance Macabre showed we could do the post-punk thing as well as the UK (the standard-setter of course). The reason I am posting this video is firstly because I love "Turn of the Century" so much, and secondly, as a sort of "turn of the year" memorial to Dan Birch, the lead singer and creative force, who passed away a little over a year ago, and whose ashes are going to be scattered in Oriental Bay on January 5th. As someone noted on his Facebook memorial, Dan did get "to see the turn of the century" but very sad this enormously creative fellow could not have stayed with us a bit longer. Ironically, "Turn of the Century" is seen by many as their masterpiece, but they were a little unhappy with the end-result. It often works that way. Others have written about Beat Rhythm Fashion, much better  than I ever will, so I have included some links that you can use to learn about one of the great, mostly unknown, NZ bands of the 1980s. You can read more about the band, as well as buy their material again on the compilation album "Bring Real Freedom", through the Failsafe Records link below:

Some further links to learn more about Beat Rhythm Fashion and Dan Birch here:

BEAT RHYTHM FASHION -Turn of the Century(1981) New HQ Dub 4:3 ratio

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