The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Gorgeous Baby

There are probably quite a few of us who did a double-take when seeing an ex-"Coronation Streeter" completely dominating this video by an Auckland indie band. Helen Flanagan has a very high tabloid profile in the UK and she is the last person I would have expected in a New Zealand band's video. But it works. There seems to be a mixed reception to the quality of the video, but if one can get past the obvious sensuality of the visuals, I think it is very good, especially considering it was done for less than $500. Very generous both in terms of time, exposure and performance from an actress who is often much-maligned by the tabloids. The single cover is quite beautiful by the way. As for the song, well in conjunction with the video it works very well. I listened to it in isolation it and it pretty quickly took me back to early 1990s indie-rock (e.g. 4 Non-Blondes). The Neo-Kalashnikovs are from the Bioletti family. Volita Bioletti on songwriting, vocals and guitar, the classically-trained Gabriel Bioletti on keyboards and bass, and Moss Bioletti on drums. They have been playing together for some time and have toured the USA extensively. Wanna buy it? I have included a Bandcamp link below. For your entertainment I have also included a tabloid intro to the video. The Herald on Sunday's coverage is photographed on the band's Facebook site so I have included a link there as well too. Well done the Bioletti family! Time to listen a little closer to the Neo-Kalashnikovs.

P.S. Listen to this a few times and think 'Sofia Coppola movie soundtrack'. Maybe it's the visuals...but the analogy works for me.

Gorgeous Baby - The Neo-Kalashnikovs (Starring Helen Flanagan) OFFICIAL

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