Computers Want Me Dead - Little Steps

A stylish offering from Computers Want Me Dead (CWMD), who are Sam Harvey and Damien Daniels. With previous histories in a range of indie/electronic bands, they met in late 2007 and after discovering shared interests , they very quickly formed CWMD in 2008. The band's sound has morphed a little since they first started and I have to say I am warmer to it now than I was previously. Less noise, more melody. But that's just me. "Little Steps" is well-produced and musically I can't fault it. The video looks pretty good for what was probably a small budget but I do think it misses, and therefore slightly weakens, the strong "taking little steps" hook in the song, therefore probably doesn't sell the song as well as it could. Still, all in all, reiterating what I said at the beginning, it is a classy offering overall.

Little Steps by Computers Want Me Dead (Official)

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