Jay Knight - Storm Feat. Amarafleur & K*SABA

New Zealand seems to have a long and growing list of prodigies. One of these is Jay Knight whose production skills came to my attention with Louie Knuxx's "Stan Howse". His ability to create three dimensional vibes which can be simultaneously 'hooky' and challenging, is reason enough to rate him. But his visual creativity stands out as well. This video is a good example. Jay has been lucky to be able to work with some very talented collaborators which have included some of New Zealand's best MCs, such as Raiza Biza, Diaz Grimm, and INF (the list is long). In this example we have the amazing but not widely-known Amarafleur on vocals (w/ an almost Billie Holiday-like performance), and K*SABA adding a saxophone track that lifts the chorus just at the right moment. Amarafleur is Thandi Ntshinga. She was born in South Africa but has since lived in Tanzania and India. This is her first official music release. If "Storm" is any indication, further releases will be noticed. K*SABA is Karnan Saba, a self-taught instrumentalist, composer and producer who has been involved in a range of beats releases/collaborations over the last few years. His "Escape EP" is a personal all-time favourite of mine. "Storm" is off Jay Knight's May 2013 "E + M" album which I own, and if 'beats' are your thing, I strongly recommend it. You can buy "E + M" and the more recent (yes he is prolific!) "Silver Luck" album at the link below. I  have included a link to K*SABA's "Escape EP" and other work as well.



Jay Knight - Storm (Feat. AMARAFLEUR & K*SABA)

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