Minuit - Warheads

"How shall we settle this? Let's settle this with bombs" sings Ruth Carr. In a Stuff interview she says "it's about how we ultimately deal with problems and differences. Thinking of all the people we'll miss when the bombs drop". "Warheads" is one of the strongest, more 'hooky' songs off Minuit's "Last Night You Saw This Band", their 4th studio album. The video gives us another local puppetry spectacular (last time was Fat Freddy's Drop) , this time involving a prehistoric hunt, some incidental geophysics, man's transition into the modern world, then apocalyptic end-of-days images leading into an accidental astral expedition...all followed by a heart-warming flattening of the initial hunter-prey hierarchy! Or as the YouTube blurb says, the video shows "Curly the caveman" chasing "his beloved (and juicy) intersex blue rabbit through time and space".  The video has a warning on it for "serious non-vegetarian scenes". For puppets watching, please note it is positively gruesome in parts. This cleverly put-together visual work comes from Wellington artist Leda Farrow (puppet and set director), digital designer Alyx Duncan (production director) and director Jason Bock (post direction and editing). Great production with a huge rhythm track. I love the song. I own the album. You can too at the link below.


Warheads - Minuit

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