French for Rabbits- Goat

French for Rabbits are not well-known in New Zealand yet, although that small crowd is growing quite quickly. More interestingly, 2,200 video views in a week suggests French for Rabbits are getting noticed offshore. Some influential radio support from foreign climes is an indication of the potential this duo have. According to their YouTube blurb, "Goat" is "slow-burning"..."a lament (or perhaps an ode) to stubbornness and being sorry". My wife might suggest I learn a lesson here. A lovely song. The video was directed by Misma Andrews, and filmed/edited by Jacob Perkins( Chloe-Rose Purcell is the female lead in the video. I bought French for Rabbits "Claimed by the Sea" EP and it has been a regular on my iPhone since. That's my vote. You can buy "Goat" at the link below. I will be.

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