Popstrangers - What Else Could They Do?

This is kind of a repeat post. An earlier version of this video was posted back in July last year but the band took it down as part of their build-up with Carpark Records, so I deleted it. Now its back with some ancillary footage. Not sure if that was necessary as the original was fine as it was. But hey, they are being geared up for wider consumption so who am I to criticise? The band is incredible and is getting critical bouquets all over the place. I can't wait to see how the energy follows through live. For me they are a natural successor to Straitjacket Fits and I can almost hear Shayne Carter sneering in there somewhere. But it's not derivative. I love the unorthodox chord/key changes, rapid shifts in tempo/key signature that turn up throughout their songs. 'Exciting' is an awful word to use...but get a thesaurus out and replace it with something similar. You can buy their album "Antipodes" at the link below. I have.


A bio link here:


Popstrangers "What Else Could They Do?"

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