Changes to the NZMusic4U Honour Roll

It's been a little while since I made changes to the Honour Roll, and it's not as if I felt I needed to. The song/video combinations need to justify themselves there. But there are a couple of changes today. Firstly, Anna Coddington's "Bird In Hand" is triumph for the artist. With fleshed out texture, dynamics, great arrangements and a song/video that really comes into its own in the second half. Such a talented use of colour and editing, matching up wonderfully with some of the best string arrangements I have heard in awhile. It is great to see Anna Coddington taking her music to the next level. The second change is the result of realizing my natural antipathy towards the early hype around Lorde had caused me to overlook "Royals". The song of course is superb, Lorde performs it strongly and the video is really special (NPI). Joel Kefali has done a spectacular job on the video and I note it got a Vimeo staff pick. So a 'mea culpa' on "Royals". A link to Joel Kefali's website is here:

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