Zen Mantra - La La La La La

Sam Perry, "bedroom producer", has quite a future in front of him if he can continue to generate material of the quality of his first album under the Zen Mantra moniker, "How Many Padmes Hum?" Conveniently for me, over the last couple of days, Reviewcaster, a UK-based blog featured a glowing review of the album so I have supplied a link below. There is no argument here. Sam writes brilliant un-self-conscious hooks with a maturity that is well beyond what I assume is limited life-experience. "La La La La La" is a prime example of these hooks. The occult-oriented video for the song was directed by Bonnie Gosnell and filmed by Julian Vares. The vibe works well. "How Many Padmes Hum?" has been around for just under a year now, and is now distributed globally by Stroll On Records. You can listen to it at the Bandcamp link below. It is also purchasable through iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital and other digital stores. I have provided an Amplifier link below. I bought it.


The Reviewcaster review is here:


Zen Mantra - La La La La La (Official Music Video)

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