The Phoenix Foundation - Thames Soup

Another video from one of the great NZ bands. The Phoenix Foundation still manage to put out reliably strong material that often takes one to poignant little places. Such enormous song-writing depth. And of course the arrangements are often lush, many layered. The band are building a loyal following in the UK now, thanks to a strong relationship with a very good record label, Memphis Industries. Luke Savage directs again and has managed to get UK Bafta winning comedian/actor Jim Tavare ("Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban") to do the 'rough diamond' bit. He is most definitely not from there originally, although his visage does quite a job of imitating the landscape. "Thames Soup" is from the awesomely good "Fandango" album. The song is about being away from home, on London if you hadn't guessed already. I am assuming it was not quite as dry in London. You can buy the album at the link below. I have. Please go to iTunes for ex-Aus/NZ purchases.

I have included a link to Jim Tavare's website for those who are interested.

The Phoenix Foundation - Thames Soup (Official Music Video)

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