Trip Pony - Now Honey

This one fairly leaped off the screen! Trip Pony is Priya Sami, the youngest of the three Sami sisters, who perform as the Sami Sisters (see links below), but who are all artists in their own right. Madeleine Sami is well-known for her acting and comedy, whereas Anji Sami, an Otago music graduate, is one of the two main principals within She's So Rad, one of my favourite local bands, and a singer/songwriter individually as well. I am not surprised that as a result of family connections, Jeremy Toy of She's So Rad gets production credits for this. Priya is also on record as saying She's So Rad are one of her favourite bands. Jeremy is very, very good at creating modern disco-influenced soundscapes. He has delivered as usual. The "Now Honey" video is a stunner, and I see some familiar names involved...Tim Van Dammen, Alexander Gandar, Tim Flower and Tom Townley who have variously been responsible for some of the best videos of the last couple of years including "Pazzida" from Watercolours, and "Favours for Favours", "Regret" and "Tazers" by Collapsing Cities. A great song/video package here. You can buy "Now Honey" at the link below. I will be.

TRIP PONY Now Honey Official HD

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