Natureboy X GMC - Daydream

An old song gets a re-visitation, and again we have an original take on Wallace Collection's "Daydream". This song has done well out of remixes over the years. Natureboy (Nathan Noone) is an ex-Auckland, Melbourne-based producer and 'jack of all trades'. This is clearly not a purely NZ track, witness the red bricks of Melbourne, but Natureboy probably has a New Zealand passport, and he says he is ex-NZ, so that's enough for me. The MC is GMC (Graeme McIntosh) and is from a Kiwi/Filipino background also. The video is directed by Del-Ray Fruean (Tha Clippers) with some additional footage/direction by our protagonists. I am really enjoying the production vibe here. The visuals are also top-notch. "Daydream" is from a range of tracks they are releasing incrementally as part of "The Compression Sessions", what they call a ’smoker/dreamer/chill series’. You can guess what it is about. Thank you to for continuing to post NZ music videos on your site. That's how I got here. I have provided links to these guys below.


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