Anna Coddington - Bird In Hand

Although I know Anna Coddington's previous albums have been critically well-received by more important others in the music media, I personally have been waiting for an injection of texture, dynamics and what might be 'je ne sais quoi' into her songs. For me they have held a promise, that often on record is not fulfilled. "Bird In Hand" is what I have been anticipating, and more. Using SJD's production talents was entirely the right thing to do and I hope Anna continues to go down this path because this feels like it has a serious future. She has a beautiful voice and the songs are often very good. It's just they have often been delivered a little conventionally. I am only one voice, and my criticism of earlier material mustn't get in the way of what I think is a superb single. It is one of my favourites of the year. The drum track from Chris O'Connor is a doozie, and I am always a sucker for strings. But these string arrangements are pretty special. I can hear LIPS in there as well. It could even be a LIPS song - which is meant as a compliment. I love the lyrics the hook and the finish..."why can't I be the one with my face to the sun..." It all works. The video is excellent and Anna looks amazing in it. The video was directed by Aidee Walker, an old friend of Anna's. Apparently it is her first music video. It doesn't show. I have bought the single and you can the link below. Two big thumbs up.


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