sink \ sink - Black Gold

NZ is an amazing place for the creative individual. There is both a connection, and an isolation, which allows artists to absorb the best of the world's influences, but also to find space, and escape the noise of the modern capitalist society when needed. I wonder if that is how we end up with one of the most exciting new ambient/lo-fi/shoegaze acts I have heard in awhile... sink \ sink. "Black Gold" (about the Aberfan mining disaster in Wales that killed 116 children and 28 adults) is off the band's first album called "darkest dark goes". It's a great album but it is the new album "a lone cloudburst" which I am most interested in, and have had on high rotate for the last 24 hours or so. The first album's line-up has evolved with Kim Schulke (vocalist) and Callum Plews (keyboards/programming) leaving. To my ears there is nothing bad about the first album, but Gareth Schott, the principal driver behind the band, has a strong artistic vision. This has led to Swedish vocalist Ylva Krantz  joining, along with Catherine Milson (cello) and Micah Templeton-Wolfe (piano/synth). Produced by Sean Erin-Lynch, the  new anthology is a fuller, more satisfying album, so there is evidence to suggest the evolution was appropriate. It definitely has a Nordic (read Sigur Ros) feeling to it. Three of the songs are in Swedish. You can buy the first album off Bandcamp at the link below, which I have done. I was kindly given the new album to listen to, but I would have paid for it. The new album is available at the link below the Bandcamp link. I have also provided a Soundcloud link which provides a 4 track taster of "a lone cloudburst". The first track on Soundcloud is a mash-up by the way. There is also a Facebook link. Looking back at the last year or so, sink \ sink is one of NZMusic4U's big finds.

Black Gold by sink \ sink

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