King Kapisi - Crush feat Rakaa Iriscience

King Kapisi might be of the old guard but there is nothing sluggish about 'Crush'. A typically powerful track from the prolific and reliably exciting Samoan/New Zealand hip-hopper. One of the reasons I keep on coming back to the King's music is it's relentless momentum, combined with subject matter that actually says something. I have yet to be disappointed. I love the way he challenges some of the holy cows, and this sort of socio-political content is intrinsic to much of his art. Re the substantial impact of this production job, I was not surprised to find out Scratch 22 had a part to play. It is of course Kapisi, but I am pretty sure I can hear Scratch 22 in there. Dilated Peoples' Rakaa Iriscience is an awesome addition to this track. There are plenty of cameos in the video including Jerome Kaino, Che Fu, Teremoana Rapley (Kapisi's wife)...Marie Antoinette. The video was directed by Daniel James Gordon, and King Kapisi, with editing by King Kapisi, and a nice job of it by the way. An all-round quality job on this song/video combination. You can buy King Kapisi's music at the link below. I have also included a Wiki link to educate those who didn't know the depth of this career.

KING KAPISI "Crush" feat Rakaa Iriscience

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