Lorde - Tennis Court

This week has had it's fair share of prodigies. A few days ago I posted Sam Perry of Zen Mantra. Today we have the much-hyped Lorde. I have to admit the hype still irritates me...but that irritation quickly fades when I come across her work. The talent here is enormous. The artistic/performance confidence is incredible for someone so young. And this is a voice that could almost carry any song. There's not a massive range, but what is there is very strong with a character so well-established for so few years (again sorry). And she can write. I really enjoy "Tennis Court", but let's be honest, there is not a lot of commercial hook here, and the song is possibly riding the coat-tails of the previous releases. But it would make a great album track, and put together with this visionary video, it is clear that Ella Yelich-O'Connor is going galactic. Doing my net-detective work I see that the www.ryanseacrest.com had posted the video. Some heavy sponsorship. With the talent, and the buy-in, stateside Top 10 doesn't feel impossible. You can buy both the "Tennis Court" single, and "The Love Club" EP at the link below...


The Ryan Seacrest link:

Lorde - Tennis Court

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