Shapeshifter - In Colour

"In Colour" is one of my favourite tracks off the new "Delta" album from Shapeshifter, released recently on Truetone Records (their own label). This is their 5th album, but there remains a freshness and energy which would be difficult for some bands of this ilk, of this length of industry tenure (fourteen years!). A cohesive, creative and productive unit. It's a great video, directed by New Zealand DJ Nick Dwyer (become music/travel journalist/producer), with editing by Tu Neill. The footage was shot by James Anderson, Warren Green, Dean Cornish & Clayton Carpinter.  All the direction/production team are from , a music + travel TV production group. Nice work. I have bought the "Delta" album. You can buy it at the links below.

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Shapeshifter - In Colour Official Music Video

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