S.F.T. - Wishing

"Reflections Of" by S.F.T. was one of my favourite beats albums of 2012. Of all the New Zealand beats producers, S.F.T. is the one whose music approaches what might legitimately be described as "soul". His music is moving, humanist, intelligent and evocative. Not what you typically expect from rappers/beats producers, although I think many New Zealand beats artists and rappers moved the genre well beyond its historical limitations some time ago. This piece is a taster for his upcoming new EP. The video, shot around the moneyed haunts of London's West End is directed by Haider Zafar, and is actually footage from a short film he made called "Homeless". The film in Haider's words is "a short tale about a homeless (person) wishing to interact and be part of society, but instead struggles to be acknowledged". I know this area of London well. Quite impressive and leafy in a traditional sense, with plenty of tourist attractions, it can also be a callous and cruel centre of capital - which often comfortably wears the lack of a heart on its sleeve. I like this taster but if you really want to experience S.F.T. at his best, please go to the link below where you can listen to, and buy the "Reflections Of" album:


A link to Haider Zafar's website is below.


S.F.T - Wishing

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