Janine and the Mixtape - Rainy Night, New Mind

After the release of "Bullets" in early 2012, Janine and the Mixtape (one of NZMusic4U's #summershot2013 winners) headed off to the Big Apple to take the industry head-on. I am sure it has not been an easy ride, but judging from the snippets of material in development she has been releasing incrementally, the experience has been positive from a creative perspective. I have previously showcased some of these mini-videos. "Rainy Night, New Mind" continues the high standard. Smooth production, vocals sound superb. The writing is clearly there. I am meeting up with Janine (Foster) in New York in a couple of weeks. It will be interesting to find out what her plans are. I suspect an EP release might not be far off. For more information, go to the website link below.


Janine and the Mixtape - Rainy Night, New Mind (Sketchbook Video)

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