Raiza Biza & Crime Heat - Art & Soul

"Dream Something", the 2012 album from Raiza Biza is one of the most rewarding purchases I have made in the last few months...on continual replay in the car and on my phones during my daily walks. The principal producer is Crime Heat, a revelation...for me one of the most talented of the new wave of producers coming out of New Zealand...as exciting as someone like Jay Knight who did such a great job with Louie Knuxx "Stan Howse", and S.F.T., both also producing on this album. Si Res, from The Side Steps Quintet is another making his mark on one of the album tracks. "Art & Soul" was an attempt by Raiza Biza and Crime Heat to put together an entire song/video combination in 24 hours, and they did it. Crime Heat directed, edited the video. The project was done as a promotion for the "Dream Something" album and a quality piece of art with soul it is (yup that was bad sorry!) . You can buy Raiza Biza's music at the link below. I strongly recommend the CD version for the two extra tracks "Broken" and "Whenever". Magic.


Raiza Biza & Crime Heat - ART & SOUL (Music Video)

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