Knives At Noon - Violins and Violence

Emerging out of our darkest south...ok, Dunedin (and yes I do love that city), Knives At Noon are a talented bunch, and from what I can glean, there is a healthy infusion of formal musical training driving what has so far been some astutely written and performed pop songs. With a little style, a front man who can sing and (reluctantly or not) pose appropriately when needs be, they are clearly very marketable. But in the end, "marketable" without depth goes nowhere. Knives At Noon have the depth. I have listened to all the songs available on their website. The song construction is sometimes complex, but not overly so, and my usual requirements, dynamics and texture, are available across pretty much all the material. I particularly like "New Lighter for the Underground" which I believe is the best demonstration of the seriousness with which the band take their writing. I am looking forward to hearing more from these guys. The video embedded today is from 2010. A great video for what was probably an extremely restricted budget. Their single "Handshake of the Heartache" was posted on this blog several months ago.

The following, slightly out-of-date article from NZ Musician is a good introduction to the band. The article is available at the following link:

You can buy their music,as well as merchandise, at the following link:

Knives At Noon - Violins and Violence

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