JBrown & The Mic Smith - Where Ya At

With clear 1970's and 1980's funk, soul and hip-hop influences, both musically and visually (although not sure about the cultural appropriation of the native American headdress), JBrown & The Mic Smith have put together an infectious and quite commercial offering in "Where Ya At". I have listened to all of the music they have available on their Bandcamp website, and for me the obvious question is "why haven't they taken off"? I imagine it is just a matter of time. Surely offshore beckons? Both the videos on YouTube (from 2011) are for potential hit songs in their own right (this video and "Cookin' Soul"). The two know how to write strong hooks and the production values are high across all the material. I hope to hear a lot more from these guys in time. You can buy their music at the link below, which includes their latest single "Deja Vu" - a little piece of disco magic, which is probably their best so far.


JBrown & The Mic Smith - Where Ya At (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


  1. Nice work. I certainly enjoy the feel of these guys. Well spotted.

    The retro beats combined with smooth rapping is something that just screams summer afternoon to me. Possibly this will be the sound of this summer?

  2. I am not sure if there is momentum for this song at the moment, being a 2011 release. But I agree, their music has "hit" written all over it - globally.