Lips - One Not Two

In anticipation of catching Lips live at Spike Hill in Brooklyn, New York on October 13th, I thought it prudent to catch up with Steph Brown's back catalogue so purchased "Lips Songs". Released in October 2010, and from which "One Not Two" hails, it's not really an album so much as an extended EP, but well worth the $9 I paid for it. I like "One Not Two" (this video) but my favourite song off the album is "The Man From Amsterdam". The crisp minimalist, stripped-back pop-soul of Lips that one has heard recently in "Everything to me" and "We don't have much time" is very much present in this album and I love it - well all songs except "Scarlett & the Impala", which has yet to grab me. But that is a minor issue. I can't help think that this music is going to show up on movie soundtracks all over the place. I am not great with my verbiage typically, and was searching for some words to describe the album that would overcome that limitation and I ended up with "evocative" and "contemplative". Not sure if that completely encapsulates the album, but do with it what you will. There is clearly a reason I am not a professional writer. I do like this album, and recommend it. You can buy it at the link below:

Lips - One Not Two (2010)

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