Lawrence Arabia - The Listening Times

"The Listening Times" is from Lawrence Arabia's recent album "The Sparrow" and follows on from the "Travelling Shoes" video which I posted back in July. I prefer this song I think. It is one of the best on what is a good album. From an NPR article linked below (showing the international reach of our protagonist), James Milne says this song is "about this kind of conversational dead end that happens at roughly 6 a.m., when you've been up all night partying. When the last vestiges of everyday humanity begin to ebb from the gathered personnel and they become conceited, dumb beasts, talking endlessly about being young and 'living in the moment.'". The video is by Simon Ward and is apparently based on 1960s Polish TV pop shows. I like it. "The Sparrow" is available for purchase at the following link:

As an aside, for New Zealand musicians, James Milne's approach is a "how to" for marketing a musical niche globally. I am impressed by how he has done it. Of course, the material needs to be of the appropriate standard - which clearly it is.

Lawrence Arabia - "The Listening Times" Official Video

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