The Ruby Suns - In Real Life

With one of the strongest commercial prospects from the awesomely good "Christopher" album (although it seems there are not many of us who think so), The Ruby Suns storm in with "In Real Life", a track that seems to combine early-mid 1980s Tears for Fears, Scritti Politti, Climie Fisher and Aha, finishing that off with a sprinkling of Nile Rodgers strings. Having grown up in that era, it is easy for me to detect that initial DNA. But this song is original and is its own. And I love it. I strongly recommend this album, and as with KidsOf88's "Modern Love", I hope it is getting the push that it needs to succeed. I can imagine "In Real Life" on high rotate on radio stations, but we all know it needs more than a good song performed and recorded well. The video is very good, appropriately ironic for this band, but I am not sure it is the right one for such a great song. That being said, it is fun. You can buy The Ruby Suns "Christopher" and older material at the links below.

The Ruby Suns - "In Real Life" (Official Music Video)

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