Over the Atlantic - Jen

I recently posted a video from Wellington-based Signer (Bevan Smith). Bevan was one of the two members of  "Over the Atlantic", a band that was making waves locally roughly 6 years ago. The other member was Nik Brinkman who we now know as Junica (the name of Over the Atlantic's first album of two), having just released an album under that moniker. You can definitely hear Junica in this track "Jen" from 2009. I love this song, and the video is pretty special as well, self-directed by Nik. I can't help thinking that Nik's music is crying out to be part of a John Hughes movie soundtrack, and it seems others have had the same idea well before me (see the review posted below from 2006). I suppose they just came along a couple of decades too late ;) . Of course both Over the Atlantic and Junica owe a huge debt to their 1980s forebears, but have also improved on much of that decade's "production-line" music. These are definitely songs I would have liked to hear back in that musical sweet spot, 1981-1986. You can buy Over the Atlantic's music at the link below.


That review I was referring to is here. http://www.treblezine.com/reviews/1668.html

Over the Atlantic - Jen

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