Sarah Brown - That's The Thing

From the 2012 album "The Great Heart Robbery", Sarah Brown has released this new video for "That's The Thing". Historically she has done well with her videos, most being of reasonable to high quality. But I have had a dilemma in posting her music on NZMusic4U (as I have with a range of other NZ artists). The material and delivery is too middle-of-the-road, an irony where the reason they have been chosen by A&R people is because they are supposed to commercialize the New Zealand "average", and for that very reason they don't really enjoy success beyond NZ's shores. Sarah Brown is a little different. She writes good, sometimes very good songs. She has won quite a few accolades from "the industry", and others. Her material does tend to be positioned around one of the series of demographic sweet spots that exist in the NZ marketplace, but I can't help liking much of what she has done. And "The Great Heart Robbery" is actually pretty good. I only post music/videos I like, and I like "That's The Thing". You can buy Sarah Brown's music at the link below.

'That's The Thing' Sarah Brown.

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