KidsOf88 - The Drug

KidsOf88 were on my preliminary list for #summershot2013, but on the decision to support "up and comers", as opposed to  "those artists who are established with some sort of momentum", they fell out of the candidate list. Clearly KidsOf88 have momentum, although I am not sure if it is enough, considering the quality of 2012's album "Modern Love". I hope they are getting the push they need. I suppose the album is not quite as obvious as the first, but it is chock-full of sly little hooks and riffs that make a habit of working their way into one's subconscious. This is the third single off the album, and probably the most obvious...and least interesting. But "Modern Love" is a very good album and recommended, my favourite track being "Tucan", previously posted on NZMusic4U. Today's video was directed by Sam Kristofski. You can buy "Modern Love" at the links below.

I thought I would include Scott Kara's review of "Modern Love" from The NZ Herald, linked below:

KidsOf88 - The Drug (Official Video)

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