Signer - Set Piece

After all that training...fell apart on the day! [see video]. It seems The Ruby Suns have much talent in their orbit. My introduction to Signer was through a Facebook post by Ryan McPhun today introducing this track, and it was with some anticipation that I leaped onto Youtube...not to be disappointed. After a little research a further piece of the jigsaw that is the New Zealand music scene clicked into place for me. Bevan Smith, who is Signer, was a member of Over the Atlantic, a precursor to one of my favourite recent acts, Junica. He is a noted collaborator with Ryan McpPhun, a virtual member of The Ruby Suns, and also releases on the Aspen moniker. He is/was also one of the Skallander crew, noted for their output through Loop. He is currently signed to Carpark Records it seems, and today's track was on their recent free Christmas album. There are some rather old links below, that despite their age, provide some good background to the 2013 Bevan Smith, and his history with Skallander and The Ruby Suns.

Here is a link to Signer's Facebook page.

Old Bandcamp here:

You can buy his more recent releases here:

Signer - Set Piece

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