Raiza Biza - Pyramids

Louie Knuxx said recently (paraphrased) that a rapper coming from a household earning more than $50,000 a year, shouldn't be allowed to write. Maybe that's a little extreme, maybe not. But rappers need stories, and war, famine, poverty and stress is a great incubation environment for such stories. And of course, rappers with stories are compelling. Great production and a strong incidental artistic delivery framework (video for short!) also help immensely. Raiza Biza was born in Rwanda, presumably escaped the early 1990s disaster, ended up in Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo), Zambia and Johannesburg, then somehow lucked into New Zealand citizenship. I don't know the full facts, but it's not rocket science to presume we have the raw material for an interesting artist here. I have enjoyed his recent album "Dream Something" which I bought as the extended CD version. Today's video is notable for the excellent direction/editing work by the talented beats producer Jay Knight (Young, Gifted and Broke, Louie Knuxx). I hadn't realized he was as talented visually as he is as a producer. The production work by Crime Heat Beats is superb. This is a high quality offering from Raiza Biza. The album is worth a look, if not a cheeky $15.

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Raiza Biza - Pyramids (Music Video)

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