Luckless - Hawks

I posted the "Skin & Bones" video from Luckless back in early November 2012. Today I am posting the song I was originally going to post, but never got round to. Luckless is Ivy Rossiter, loop-pedal specialist, and Will Wood, drums and percussion. With Luckless one gets no unnecessary instrumentation, just the song and it's raw, lyrically-driven performance. Without strong production values, music such as this can often fall flat, but the excellent production by Jordan Stone (Roundhead), with mastering by Angus McNaughton, keeps us focused on the strengths of the song's delivery. Combined with another well put-together video with some lovely photography, this is again a strong offering from Luckless. The video  is by Little White Pictures. (Please note there is distortion in the audio on this video brought on by the YouTube conversion process.). It is not a feature of the material available at the link below.
You can buy Luckless' music at the link below.

Luckless 'Hawks' Official Music Video

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