The Leers - Come With Us

The Leers are ex-Mount Maunganui, having grown up there, but moving en-masse to the big smoke several years ago - there only really being one of those in NZ, Auckland. (and that is a good thing about Welly, Chicha and Dunners!). Members of the band are: Matt Bidois, Jack Furniss, Jacob Buchan and James Kippenberger. This song is from the band's second yet-to-be-released EP, the first being self-titled and released in 2010. The song is produced by James Dansey (talented bloke), and the video is directed by Tom Furniss (winner 2011 48 Film Festival). He's done a good job. Not much info on the band out there but I am sure that will change. They've got quite a few friends on Facebook. You can buy The Leer's music at the link below.

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The Leers - Come With Us (Music Video)

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