JBrown & The Mic Smith - I'd Like To Know

Further evidence of the talents of JBrown & The Mic Smith. A nice little rap asking some big existential questions. "I'd Like To Know" is off 2011's "JB&TMS EP". Maybe it's just me, but everything I have heard from these two indicates massive commercial potential. The songs are fun, hooky, and well-produced. It's hard to fault them. I know there is a computer program out there which one can run songs through, and after crunching the musical numbers, it forecasts the level of potential commercial success. (Ok I agree this is a little sad). Cynicism aside, I can't help thinking JBrown & The Mic Smith songs would be pushing the top end of that program's scores. They seem to have that balance of elements that is often difficult to achieve. I hope this is being noticed by the "big end of town" offshore. You can buy JBrown & The Mic Smith's music at the link below.


JBrown & The Mic Smith - I'd Like To Know (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO HD)

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