Tamaryn - The Garden

A USA/New Zealand hybrid here. Tamaryn is a two-piece fronted by Tamaryn, New Zealand-born, but out of the country for quite a few years now. Meeting Rex John Shelverton in New York in the early 2000s, Tamaryn looks after vocals while Rex handles the instrumental arrangements and production. I assume the two write the songs jointly. Having moved to San Franciso, Rex's hometown, a few years ago, Tamaryn have released two albums..."The Waves" (2010), and "Tender New Signs"(this year). They have been described as a "shoegaze"/"dreampop" fusion and that seems pretty accurate. This is the second of two videos for songs from the second album, the other being "Heavenly Bodies", which I will post at a later date. I really like this band. Not meaning to step on any toes, but a short-hand description might be as a Dear Time's Waste / She's So Rad hybrid. You can buy Tamaryn's music at the link below.


Tamaryn - "The Garden" (Official Music Video)

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