Eddie Numbers - Numbers Game

Eddie Numbers with a very well-produced, well-arranged, commercially-viable song for the summer. Although clearly hip-hop at core, there is much more to this song. I like the combined vocal/keyboard texture they have built around the chorus. I have yet to hear through big speakers but I am sure it would sound enormous through a good P.A. The band is made up of musicians from a range of backgrounds. Edgar Mahon is MC/lyricist. Backing him, instead of a purely electronic infrastructure, there are vocals from Tyla Pere, live guitar and bass from Ben Healey, and drums/production from Regal Norris. This video is pretty well put together by Faded Films. Not sure about the "sex video" inclusion but I'll look past that. These guys know how to put it together and they are differentiated from many out there so I'll be interested to watch their progress. If you would like to buy their material, an older offering is available from the link below. A download for this single should be available from iTunes by the end of this week.


Eddie Numbers - Numbers Game (Official Video)

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