Junica - Living In My House [ Feat. Ladyhawke ]

Today I put Iva Lamkum's "Doo Bop" on the blog, and postulated the creative integration of her marvellous voice with the songwriting of either the She's So Rad team (Jeremy Toy and Anji Sami), or Nik Brinkman (Junica). Iva has a vocal depth, some gravel-like personal integrity, and I believe that, her intuitive understanding of grooves, and her lyrical acuity, coupled with the songwriting/arranging nous of both of the aforementioned, could be very interesting. My hypothesis needs some empirical evidence, and so I present Junica's joint venture with Pip Brown aka Ladyhawke. I know it's not "like for like". But think laterally. In my (humble) opinion it would work, but there would need to be some rhythmic/thematic compromise from both parties. The end result could well be more than the sum of its parts. A good time to now rest my case (and shut the proverbial up).

Junica -  'Living In My House' Ft. Pip Brown

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