Family Cactus - Fields and Fields

Wellindie band Family Cactus have already featured twice on this blog, as well as being featured at There is a reason. They are superb, and have global potential within their niche. They also deliver well on the criteria that I require to post a song, that being dynamics, melody and texture (amongst other things). The band has had several line-up changes in its history but I suspect the current iteration has some stability to it. Adam Ladley, the principal songwriter and vocalist appears to be the binding force around which the other talented band members have coalesced. They have released two albums, "Come Howling" in 2009, and "Spirit Lights" in 2011, both being reviewed well. They have also managed to put together a strong set of videos. You will see that "Moss Green Cape" is on this blog's Honour Roll. "Fields and Fields" is from "Spirit Lights" which can be bought at this link: "Come Howling" is available at this link:

Family Cactus - Fields and Fields - Official Video

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