Farah Loux - K.I.D.S.

I like running some sort of connection between posts if I can, and the connection here is Daniel Fowler ("Fowl Face" as he is known to some of his clients apparently!). Daniel is the drummer from Tom Lark's band, and is making a very good go of creating high quality music videos, I assume at a budget price level. This video is very good. I have especially enjoyed the "knight" with the colander on his head. An awe-inspiring character...(!)  Farah Loux are an Auckland-based folk-indie band and "K.I.D.S" is their first release as such, the band being previously known as "Alaska". I have to call it as I see it. I can hear Evermore in here. Not saying there was any sort of influence, but I suppose that might be a perspective you could come at Farah Loux from. I assume that is not the way the band would have it, but people in the industry may well do just that, which is probably good for Farah Loux. This is a good song, with some great arrangements, and very effective dynamics. One quibble would be that the brass arrangement used throughout in the song might have been mixed differently. Maybe it is the compression or EQ? This weakens the song's impact slightly, but doesn't do irreparable harm to the overall offering, which I have been enjoying for several days now. And of course, I only post music I like. You can buy Farah Loux's music at the link here: http://farahloux.bandcamp.com/

Farah Loux - K.I.D.S. (Official HD)

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