Iva Lamkum - Doo Bop

First time I heard this, I could recognize it was a well-rounded, commercially-viable offering from one of the best voices in the New Zealand music industry...but I just couldn't warm to it. I suspect that it is the predominance of (a great) riff over melodic variation/dynamics. But this morning, the penny has finally dropped, having played it again, and being on the road in the USA, it was a welcome groove to start my day with. I just love Ms Lankum's voice. I would like to see her doing something unusual with it though...say working with someone like She's So Rad or Junica. "Doo Bop" is very well-produced by P-Money. It is also an excellent video by AskewOne. All round good.

Iva Lamkum - Doo Bop (Produced by P Money) (Official Video)

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