Liam Finn - Snug As Fuck

That chorus is just sooo delicious! Maybe I am getting too old making comparisons such as this, but surely this song could  have been written by John Lennon? The acerbity, combined with melody, harmony..and then there are the key changes! It also works better with age. Try listening several times. It does tend to creep up. Also reminds me a little of Wilco...but I am not saying it is derivative. It's not. It's brilliant. The track is from the forthcoming album "The Nihilist" due for release on April 8th through Yep Roc Records. The video is clearly a take on the absurdity of those shared days of celebration that we enjoy and endure at the same time. Reminds me just a little of the thematic angle that Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" video took with the suburban gothic. You can buy Liam's music at the link below.

Liam Finn - "Snug As Fuck"

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