Strange Harvest - Amnesia

A beautifully disturbing video, that according to Martyn Pepperell shows where "nature meets technology, reality meets unreality; and beauty meets decay". "Amnesia" builds out of a simple piano and delayed-snare + tom motif into a guitar-based, over-driven, sonic wall. The evolution of space and texture, and the building dynamic contribute to an offering that gets more difficult to release at each listening. The combination of visuals and sound are perfectly matched, and a tribute to the vision of directors Emily Berryman & Phoebe Lysbeth Kay Mackenzie. I love the strobing at the end of the track. A little embarrassingly, Strange Harvest first came to my attention only about six hours ago, in part due to a VanguardRed article by Mr Pepperell (see link below). The band had in fact released the "Inside A Replica City" album back in May 2013. The reader and I can both buy it at the link below. I'll race you...

Blog Post Update: "Amnesia" has made the NZMusic4U Honour Roll. The quality of the components, but also the integration of those components are what make this video special. A pretty easy decision.

Amnesia - Strange Harvest

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